Workshop / Seminar / Meeting / Research Visa
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Workshop / Seminar / Meeting / Research Visa

This type of visas is for those who are going to attend the workshop/seminar/meeting and for research. Visas are issued for a stay in Myanmar up to 28 days and are valid for entry into the country within three months from the date of issue. The stay will be start count on the arrival date to Myanmar.


  1. Original Passport with at least six months validity and six blank pages
  2. TWO application forms of Entry visa (Please apply in English) (Download PDF)
  3. TWO recent passport size colour biometric photos with white background (Please glue and no clips, no staples) (Please see requirements in General Guidelines Session)
  4. Visa fee of 40.00 Euro (Please see payment method in General Guidelines Session)
  5. For attending workshop/seminar/meeting: Direct invitation by the Ministry and undertaking to abide by visa rules with FAPC permission and mention exact dates of events in the application form
  6. For research: Direct invitation letter by the Ministry mentioning the duration of stay and the permission of FAPC
  7. Self-addressed return envelope with German stamps for registered letter or courier satchel large enough to hold all passports for safe return. For international return mailings, enclose a postage fee of minimum 10 Euro in cash (cheque and bank transfer are not accepted. International coupons for postage fee are not accepted.)
  8. There is no express service available

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