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Joint Press Briefing by Myanmar and Canadian Foreign Ministers

Statement by H.E. DawAung San SuuKyi, Union Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

It’s a great pleasure to welcome the Foreign Minister of Canada to this country as I am the honorary citizen of Canada. Canada, of course, has had a long history of friendship with our country. Canadais one of the countries now who are helping us in developing democratic values and economic prosperity. For a country to develop, we need to look at political aspirations and how far we are able to achieve them as well as to consider how much we can achieve in the way of economic prosperity of our peoples. Canada understands perhaps more than any other countries the difficulties that we have to face as a nation made up of many different peoples in building up a strong and lasting federal union. I think particularly, Canada is anxious to help us in the peace process and this is a kind of assistance that we very much welcome and we would appreciate everything that our friends can do to assist us in our efforts to make this country one that has built unity out of diversity. Thank you.

Statement by H.E. Mr. Stephane Dion, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada

It’s a great honouras a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, and on behalf of the Prime Minister of Canada,the Rt Hon. Justin Trudeau and to the whole government and the people of Canada to meet withDawAung San SuuKyi.You are an inspiration for your people and an inspiration for the world people. After 50 years, a civilian government emerges.You are willing to strengthen democracy. You are willing to bringmore human rights. You wantnational reconciliation.

In Canada, wealways sayour diversity is not a threat. Canada is stronger despite that because it’s diversity. I am sure it’s a principle that will workout as well in Myanmar. And it’s what you want to build. Canada wants to be a part for that because Myanmar needs to succeed. It will always be difficult to build this strong democracy. But it’s a needed way. People will not have electricity overnight everywhere. It cannot have the best scores overnight. It will be long. So, today, I want to show to the people of Myanmar that it’s not only words, it’s also actions and we are honoured to announce that we have 44 million Canadian dollars of investment in three different projects to support Myanmar.

Let me describe just brieflysome of these projects. It’s to help to contribute to an inclusive democratic federal union. So, we will support the formof federation which is to identify the best practice in federalism. And then for the people of Myanmar to see which of these best practices would work in your country.That’s the first project I want to mention.

The other one is about governance.To havegovernance that will be effectiveand inclusive, withimproving information management system to support you about that. And the third one is gender equality. So, improving market opportunities for women for example support women in small and medium enterprises as well.

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